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Series ТермоМастер ®
[ ThermoMaster ]
and ТермоГаз ®
[ ThermoGas ]

Industrial special rotary furnaces

Rotary furnace is mainly used for heat treatment of steel products, for round billets heating in tubes, wheels and tires of railway vehicles rolling, as well as for billets of non-ferrous metals heating before rolling and upsetting.

Rotary furnace consists of a hearth rotating and a stationary channel circular channel with an arch. Products are loaded into the furnace and unloaded from it through the opening with special loading and unloading machines (floor or crane). Working space between the furnace openings are divided by a heat-resistant baffle. Rotary furnace is gas- or electrically heated.

Industrial special rotary furnaces for heat treatment ТермоМастер ® series
  • Industrial special rotary furnace for heat treatment
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