JSC «Kerammash»
Joint Stock Company «Institute for Ceramic Mashinebuilding «Kerammash»,
Ukraine, Slavyansk, fax: +38 (0626) 667338

Series ТермоМастер ®
[ ThermoMaster ]
and ТермоГаз ®
[ ThermoGas ]

Industrial batch retort furnaces
for carburizing, carbonitriding, nitriding

For small tool production sites to provide the carburizing, carbonitriding and nitriding processes, in shaft-type furnaces is not economically viable. In such cases, a small park of batch furnaces is used. All the processes are carried out in a welded hermetic chamber located inside the furnace. The furnaces can be equipped with fans and SCADA system. Furnaces of this design may be gas or electrically heated.

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