JSC «Kerammash»
Joint Stock Company «Institute for Ceramic Mashinebuilding «Kerammash»,
Ukraine, Slavyansk, fax: +38 (0626) 667338

Series ТермоМастер ®
[ ThermoMaster ]
and ТермоГаз ®
[ ThermoGas ]

Industrial pit-type furnaces special

Pit-type furnace for a steell pipe bendings heating. Structurally furnace may be of square or rectangular shape and with a removable top, a sliding or movable cover. Items are loaded into the furnace and discharged from it by means of traveling crane, and then they are transferred to the bending machine.

Industrial specialized pit-type furnaces for knuckle bends ТермоГаз ® seeries
  • Industrial specialized pit-type furnace for knuckle bends production
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